Our technology

Our structure

No.1 simultaneous 5-axis C.N.C. milling machine800 x 900 x 650 – 20.000 rpm
table 800 mm / 1500 kg
6 pallet changers
No.1 5-axis C.N.C. milling machine2500 x 920 x 920 – 18.000 rpmDECKEL-MAHO
No.1 C.N.C. milling machine1300 x 650 x 600 – 14.000 rpmSIGMA
No.1 C.N.C. milling machine1000 x 600 x 600 – 10.000 rpmDECKEL-MAHO
No.1 C.N.C. milling machine1000 x 500 x 600 – 15.000 rpmKONDIA
No.1 C.N.C. EDMstroke 800 x 400; working tank 1.500 x 1000CDM ROVELLA
No.1 wire EDMstroke 450 x 320; work. tank 1.100 x 800-H200CHARMILLES
No.1 wire EDMstroke 550 x 400; work. tank 1.000 x 700-H400CHARMILLES
No.1 grinding machine1200 x 450ROSA
No.1 lathe machineØ200 x 1.200GRAZIANO
No.1 drill machine MECOF
No.1 drill machine SERMAC
No.1 bridge crane 10TOMIS
No.1 bridge crane 6.3TOMIS

We can process moulds up to 900 x 1200/1400 mm. with a total weight of 5,000 kg

“men, ideas and technology at work”

our motto thus summarizes the union among human intellect, its ideas, the technologies at his disposal to achieve our increasingly exciting goals.

Our compact and effective structure enables us to reply quickly to our customers’ needs by realizing high quality products.