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Our structure

N.1-Five axis milling machine 2500 x 920 x 920 – 18.000 g/m DECKEL-MAHO
N.1 Milling machine c.n.c. 1000 x 600 x 600 – 10.000 g/m DECKEL-MAHO
N.1 Milling machine c.n.c. 1000 x 500 x 600 – 15.000 g/m KONDIA
N.1-Four axis milling machine c.n.c. 850 x 500 x 500 – 8.000 g/m HERMLE
N.1-Manual milling machine 500 x 435 x 350 – 2.500 g/m MAHO
N.1 EDM c.n.c. stroke 800 x 400 working tank 1.500 x 1000 CDM ROVELLA
N.1 EDM c.n.c. stroke 600 x 400 working tank 1.200 x 900 AEG
N.1 Wire EDM stroke 450 x 320 working tank 1.100 x 800 CHARMILLES
N.1 Grinding machine stroke 1200 x 450 ROSA
N.1 Lathe machine Ø200 x 1.200 GRAZIANO
N.1 Drill machine MECOF
N.1 Drill machine SERMAC

We can process moulds in sizes up to 900 x 1200/1400 with a total weight of 5,000 kg

At ATOS we hold a strong belief in human intellect,
which when applied with the use
of technologies permits achieving ever more
impressive objectives. Our slogan is:

“men, ideas and technology at work”

Our compact, effective structure allows us
to respond to the demands of our clientele quickly,
manufacturing high quality products.

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